Avoid Disappointment – Turn ‘One Day I’ll Write A Book’
into ‘I’m Living My Dream Author Career’!

Imagine this:
Instead of working that dead end job daydreaming about the book you’d like to write one day, you wake up to your own rhythm and have a leisurely breakfast while thinking about the characters and plot of your next book. Your day is filled with writing, fans and imagination as you build books and engage with an audience of readers who can’t wait for your next novel. Your royalties come in regularly and you only work another job if you WANT to.

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You don’t have to consider the above a pipe dream anymore. I’ve been there and anxiously waited to hear what mentor authors thought of my writing. The most beautiful thing about being an author is that you’re always learning, but you can have fans and money coming in as you grow and become better. It took me four long years to finish just the first draft of my novel Lasera. It even went on to go through ten more drafts. There were so many times I wanted to throw my laptop, or pull my hair out. A blank page is just so stupidly white! Sometimes the words don’t come, sometimes you second guess whether your words are any good or you get aggravated beyond all measure because your characters will simply not behave. My experience, imagination, and knowledge are my biggest assets and the decades long journey I’ve travelled can allow you so many shortcuts.

That’s why I created the From Aspire to Author ten week course; something for those who are unfulfilled in their 9 to 5 grind or corporate jobs and are tired of being the rabble climbing a rotting ladder. This is for those beginner/intermediate writers who have a passion for creating novels and we will use a guided system and one-on-one support to start their long term game plan and launch their dream novelist career.

During this 10 week course you’ll learn about the inspiration mentality and writing discipline, along with tried and true methods for gaining new ideas and how to successfully build an author empire that allows you to write what you love. Through step-by-step videos, genre-specific critiques, daily emails and weekly encouragement sessions you’ll come out the other side with an established writing habit, half a novel written and armed with the knowledge that you can build a career writing novels.

Don’t stay stuck or let your passion languish.

Here’s how I’ll take you from ‘I want to write a novel’ to ‘I’ve got a fabulous Author Career’.

* Week 1 – 4 *
* Inspiration ~ Imagination ~ Plotting Discipline *
– learn tips and tricks for keeping words flowing and inspiration there, through exercises and videos
– use 24 ‘imagination builders’ to fill your imagination and keep your creative well primed
– use a variety of tactics and tricks to establish a creative process for plotting that works for you

My support will be personalized to fit your goals.
I can provide support through daily emails during the sections you find most difficult, weekly one-on-one calls, weekly page critiques and side-by-side writing sprints.

* Week 5 – 6 *
*Writing Discipline*
– implementation of the 8 point story arc to finish steps in you plotting method to keep you writing six days a week
– using videos and exercises will build the mentality of needed to get words on the paper
– using fun and interesting prompts and memes, keep your momentum going through the hard bits

* Week 7 – 8 *
*Editing and Critiques*
– use research and know resources to find suitable editors and beta readers
– submit sample edits and learn how to find an editor that suits you and your work
– use videos and exercises to learn how to ‘switch caps’ and become your own editor and to take criticism gracefully

* Week 9 – 10 *
*Sales & Marketing Guru ~ Author Empire*
– using mentality and exercises you’ll learn how to move from creator to book seller
– researching current climate and knowledge of yourself to figure out which publishing path is best for your writing
– using know resources and tricks to build a marketing plan and more than one revenue stream

You can feel empowered, imaginative and
ready to start your new career.

Your investment for the From Aspiring to Author course:
$999 USD
or payment plans of $299/month for 4 months
with a 30 day 100% money back refund guarantee!

So talk with me and get your dreams started.

What You’ll Get:

One novel of your creation fully plotted and halfway written.
Ideas for 11 more novels in your pipeline.
Daily email exchanges and weekly page critiques.
8 coaching videos.
8 specific writing exercises.
24 imagination builders.
Resources for finding beta readers.
Sample edits from real editors.
A path to publication plan specific to your personality.
A comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your novel and genre.
A detailed ‘What Genre Am I Most Suited For’ questionnaire.

– FAQ’s:

What if I don’t get results?
The whole premise of this course is to ensure continual inspiration and a good foundation to build your career. The only way you won’t get results is if you *don’t* do the work. And it is work. It is hard. The first month is the most gruelling so you’ll know right away how you’re doing.

Will this work for me?
This course is designed for beginner to intermediate writers, who are stable financially but unfulfilled and/or bored with their current job.
This is for those who know they have creativity in their bones but are at a loss as to how to begin and want to skip the biggest hurdles that come from floundering through writing your first book. This course can be done (and is designed) to be done while still in another job, however at least 2 hours are needed each week, typically closer to 5 or 6 hours.

How soon can I expect a return on my investment?
Not immediately. This isn’t a get rich quick course, it’s a career builder. Learning and starting with as many tips and tricks to set you up well in the future as you write more books. You can expect to earn back your investment but should expect so after having 3 novels or more under your belt.

What happens next?
If you’re in that segment of people who this course will work for, then we schedule a call. I truly want to help you. So getting to know me and speaking with me personally, is a must before the course even happens. If you still feel it’s right for you then the full investment is sent or a payment plan is setup. Bonuses and course materials are sent to you, then together we decide on an enrollment date. The first week and month are intense and designed to be so. The exact time to start can be anywhere from 1-10 days from when you sign up. Then you start your seven steps with me right by your side.                                                        

What if I don’t want to continue the program?
You have 30 days from enrollment to get a 100% no questions asked refund. Life happens and if for any reason you need to pull out in that first month, not a problem. After month 1 even if something happens you will have invested so much time and effort that it is worth it to finish the course, we’ll do everything we can together to ensure your success.

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Why Should You Do This NOW?

The sooner you start the marathon that is an author career, the sooner you’ll be getting the fulfillment and empowerment that comes from making money doing something you love. The cost of disappointment and regret from not taking the risk and investing in yourself could be the chains that pull you down in the after life, like old man Marley.

This is a LIMITED TIME pricing and I have only a small number of spots available at this price. Once those spots are filled, they’re gone. The price will increase for the next session of this course. There’s only ten EIGHT spots left.

Enroll before April 20 to also get these Limited Time Bonuses:
PDF plotting printables.
A more detailed genre questionnaire.
‘7 Secrets to a Never-Ending Creative Well’ downloadable guide.