Welcome Fellow Imagination Wizards!

I’m Danielle Mathieson Pederson, the story engineer for you, who’ll transform your floundering ideas and book into the strong foundation a novelist career is built upon.

If you’re combatting self-doubt and have been working on your novel so long you feel like you want to throw it out, I can help. I’m here not only as your down-to-earth coach and enthusiastic cheerleader, but also your water-boy who helps replenish your depleted creative reserves.

Right now I’m sure you’re feeling unable to bring your vision to life and wanting to give up because the words won’t come and all the info you find about writing a novel is too general to be useful.
I understand, because I’ve been there. I’ve been writing for eighteen plus years and it took me four years to write the first draft of my novel Lasera. I thought I’d never get past the rut and “curse of Chapter 8” as I deemed it. I’m here to show you how to finish that all important first novel and make sure you have a well of other ideas, so that you have a novelist career and fans asking you for more books all the time.

Why do I love helping other writers build the perfect foundation for their novelist career? Because I love seeing someone else’s imagination come alive! Because I agree with Joanna Penn in that, the more authors and books there are, the better (we’re all readers here). Because I’ve made so many mistakes and know I can help other writers bypass those pitfalls, and because I’ve had so many amazing mentors myself and love the feeling of helping another writer in the same way. My passion is building up the imagination of other writers so that their dream careers become their reality. I want this for you, a thriving imagination and foundation for a lifelong successful career writing novels with a dedicated fan base that loves what you write. You can have a never-ending well of ideas and the passion and discipline to see you to the end of each project so that your career is in your control.

Fun Facts About Me

~  I’ve been known to read a book in a day — even with three kids, a husband of 13 years and an overflowing laundry basket — and usually read at least a book a week.
~ My superpower is my ability to be a geek/nerd/fangirl and own it. I love all things Harry Potter, Star Wars, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Jane Austen and similar historical books/movies… amongst other things. J. K. Rowling’s ability to plot and create a world that millions love, has been a constant source of inspiration.
~ I believe in integrity, knowledge and that organized chaos can be a writer’s best friend. My personal mantra is
Have Courage and Be Kind

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